Beer Tour

Das Boot Tour

Started in 2012 with a very simple concept... Can you drink all of our 30 German beers out of a 1 liter Boot? After much interest the German Beer Tour (also known as Das Boot Tour) was created.

How it works

Come and take a tour of Germany like no other. A German Beer Tour!!! With over 30 German Beers you will soon be an expert of one of the things German’s do best (brewing beer). Ask for your own German Beer Tour Passport and your journey will begin. Everytime you come in we will keep track of your journey of German brew. Once you have completed all 30 destinations you will become a Deutsche Bier Meister (German Beer Master) with your plaque, a German beer tour T-Shirt, and Das Boot to take home.

Currently we have over 400 Beer Stiens on our shelves, the largest Beer Stien collection in South Florida.
And it continues to grow. We look forward to you joining the club.


Beer Tour passport

Beer tour passport