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German Postal Service Will Open And Digitize Your Mail


If you want a taste of Germany right here in Pompano Beach, you head to Checkers Old Munchen German restaurant, the premiere location for German food.

But perhaps at some point in your life you’ll be able to take your dream trip to Germany and enjoy German food in its native country.

When you take a long trip, there are always details at home to consider. Who will water the plants? Who will take care of the dog? And is there someone to bring in your mail, or will you have it held at the post office?

In the United States, you can now get an email each day from the post office showing you what will be in your mail. But in Germany, the postal service is piloting a program that takes it a step further: the postal service will now open a customer’s mail, scan it and send it via email if the customer prefers it.

The digitization pilot program is run by Germany’s national post. It allows the postal service to open consumers’ mail and send it to them in a digital format anywhere in the world.

Customers who choose to use the “e-scan” waive their right to privacy in order to enjoy the convenience. A machine will open and scan letters and will also scan postcards, the Deutsche Post told CNN. Larger printed items like magazines and catalogs will not be scanned.

The promotion price until July to try the e-scan services will be 5 Euros a month, or about $5.74 Deutsche Post said. Similar private services available to individuals and small businesses cost almost twice as much.

But the service might allow someone who is on a longer trip the opportunity to stay in the loop as far as what kind of mail they are missing, in case something important shows up in their mailbox. And after all, it might be more private than having your nosy neighbor see what you’re getting while you’re off enjoying German food!