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German Food Offers More Variety, Says Rick Steves


If you can’t travel to Germany, you’re still in luck if you live in the Pompano Beach area. You are lucky enough to have Checkers Old Munchen German restaurant right here in your own back yard. It’s a taste of Germany with a Florida twist.

But if you are able to make the trip to Germany, travel expert Rick Steves has some food recommendations for you, ABC News reported.

Steves said Germans are now taking their food as seriously as their neighbors in France do.

He said that the wonderful food is a big part of why you should travel to Germany. He says the ingredients in German food are “wonderful,” especially if the chef is using local, seasonal crops.

Food in Germany is a good value compared to prices in other places in Europe, including France, Britain and Italy. It’s easy to eat a meal for $12 or less, he said, or you can eat at a Schnellimbiss, a small fast-food takeout stand, where you can get a bratwurst or other grilled sausage for about $3.

And although traditional cuisine is still very important, there are a lot of smaller, foodie places getting creative, Steves said.

He said that immigrants are adding their influence to German food. There are also a lot of people who are getting more adventurous in their food choices.

But Steves emphasized that traditional German dishes are still extremely popular.

There are hundreds of varieties of sausages, a longtime staple of the German diet. It is popular at both sit-down restaurants and takeout stands.

Also popular are meats on the bone, like pork knuckle or shoulder, as well as schnitzel, a breaded, fried meat cutlet.

Steves also says to be on the lookout for whatever local specialty is popular I the region you’re visiting, often influenced by whatever other country is nearby.

In Berlin, “German” food can actually include sushi, Peruvian, Cuban, Thai, Georgian, Indian, Argentinian and Vietnamese cuisine.

Germans are now taking their food as seriously as their neighbors in France and beyond.