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Beer Tour


Started in 2012 with a very simple concept... Can you drink all of our 30 German beers out of a 1 liter Boot? After much interest the German Beer Tour (also known as Das Boot Tour) was created. Since 2012 over 200 people have completed this epic journey.

How It Works

Upon your first visit to Checkers Old Munchen we will give you your very own German Beer Passport which lists all 30 of our German Beers ranging from Pilsners, Lagers, Hefeweizen, Double Bocks, and more. Once you finish your first Boot we will stamp your passport for completion of that beer. Every time you cone back, drink a different beer until all 30 are completed. It could take you a month or it could take you years... enjoy at your own pace.

What’s the Reward of completing Das Boot Tour?

  1. You receive a Checkers Old Munchen Das Boot Tour T-shirt
  2. A Boot to take home
  3. Specialized Name Plaque on our wall
  4. Your own Beer Stein kept on our shelves to drink out of every time you return.

Currently we have over 400 Beer Stiens on our shelves, the largest Beer Stien collection in South Florida.
And it continues to grow. We look forward to you joining the club.


Beer Tour Passport