Nothing Is Better Than Pretzels And Beer At A German Restaurant

Posted on Feb 19, 2018 in Checkers Old Munchen Blog

When you think of a German restaurant, you probably think of beer. And nothing goes better with beer than pretzels, a traditional German snack.

But where did these delicious bites of dough with the crossed arms originate? There are conflicting stories.

A common origin story of pretzels is that they were created by an Italian monk in around 610 AD, according to Today I Found Out. According to the story, the folded strips of dough to resemble someone folding their arms in prayer and gave them out as treats to children who memorized prayers.

The three sections of a pretzel are also said to represent the Holy Trinity, and the holes made it easy for bakers to display them on sticks.

The story says the name pretzel came from the word “pretiola” that means “little reward.”

Since there is no documentation to prove that the pretzel actually originated in Italy, similar stories place the monk in France.

Another story with origins in Germany says pretzels were invented by bakers held hostage by local dignitaries, and that the the German name “Brezel” came from the Latin bracellus (a medieval term for “bracelet”) or bracchiola (“little arms”).

The looped pretzel may also be related to a Greek ring bread derived from communion bread used in monasteries a thousand years ago, according to Wikipedia.

If you are craving an authentic German pretzel with your mug of beer, head to Checkers Old Munchen German restaurant in Pompano. You’ll find not only delicious pretzel bites and black bread, but a wide variety of more than 60 German beers to wash them down with.

Whether you prefer a lager, a pilsner, dark beer, wheat beer or even a double bock, Checkers Old Munchen has you covered, and the good news is that pretzels go well with them all! Stop in today and take a beer tour. Who knows — you might make it to the German restaurant’s Beer Hall of Fame!

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