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Kartoffelpuffer - Homemade potato pancakes served with Applesauce and Sour Cream. $8.99

Bratwurst oder Knackwurst an Sauerkraut - Bratwurst and Knackwurst served on a bed of Sauerkraut. $8.99

Kombinationen Platte - Potato Pancakes, Bratwurst, Knackwurst, served with Sauerkraut. $9.99

Liverwurst and Munster Cheese Platter - Freshly made liverwurst served with crackers, Muenster cheese, black olives, cucumbers, and red onions. $8.00

Pepper and Cheese Bratwurst - Bratwurst stuffed with peppers and cheddar cheese and served on a bed of sauerkraut. $7.00


German Onion and Apple Soup - Our famous onion soup that was showcased in the Sun-Sentinel!!! Onions and apples in our beef and lager broth topped with provolone cheese. $3.99 (cup) $4.99 (bowl)

German Entrees

All Entrees are served with your choice of two from the following:
Spaetzel (German Noodles), Red Cabbage, Sauerkraut, Potato Dumpling, Boiled Potato, Real Mashed Potatoes, German Potato Salad (hot or cold) and Vegetable of the Day.

Wurstplatte - Freshly made Bratwurst and/or Knockwurst served with German mustard. $13.99

Schweinebraten – Oven roasted Pork Loin topped with brown gravy. $14.99

Ungarishes Gulash – Traditional beef stew seasoned with Hungarian paprika and onions. $14.99

Sauerbraten – Tender beef which has been marinated in red wine vinegar topped with a sweet and sour gravy. $15.99

Rindsrouladen - Sliced beef rolled and stuffed with mustard, onion bacon and pickles. $14.99

Hackbraten – Our homemade meatloaf consisting of seasoned ground beef, pork, and veal baked to perfection. $13.99

Specialty Entrees

All Entrees are served with your choice of two from the following:
Spaetzel (German Noodles), Red Cabbage, Sauerkraut, Potato Dumpling, Boiled Potato, Real Mashed Potatoes, German Potato Salad (hot or cold) and Vegetable of the Day.

Veal Wienerschnitzel – Our House Speciality! A lightly breaded veal cutlet sautéed in lemon butter and topped with our homemade brown gravy. $17.99 “a la Holstein” add $1.00

Pork Wienerschnitzel - A lightly breaded pork cutlet sautéed in lemon butter and topped with our homemade brown gravy. $15.99 “a la Holstein” add $1.00

Jaegerschnitzel – Pork Cutlets sautéed with onions and mushrooms in our white wine sauce. $16.99

Rahmschnitzel - Pork Cutlets sautéed in a white wine cream sauce. $15.99

Pork Stroganoff - Pork Cutlets sautéed with onions and mushrooms in a white wine and sour cream sauce. $16.99

Chicken Hunter – Chicken Tender Breasts sautéed with onions and mushrooms in our white wine and brown gravy sauce. $15.99

Blackforest Chicken – Tender Chicken Breast sautéed with blackforest ham, onions, and mushrooms in a white wine cream sauce. $16.99

Chicken Paprika – Tender Chicken Breast sautéed in a creamy sweet paprika sauce and red bell pepper. $15.99

Huehnerbrust “Francais” – Chicken breast dusted with flour and egg sautéed in lemon, white wine, and garlic then topped with melted mozzarella. $16.99

Kohlroulade an Tomatensosse – Cabbage rolls stuffed with seasoned beef and rice then topped with a light tomato sauce. $15.99

Our Famous Bavarian Platter - Bratwurst, Knockwurst, Wienerschnitzel and your choice of either Sauerbraten or Schwienebraten. $16.99

Our Famous Schweinhaxen - A specially seasoned 2lb. Pork Shank that is boiled and slowly roasted for 6 hours. It is crispy on the outside and moist and juicy on the inside and topped with homemade gravy. Our House Specialty! $19.99

Stuffed Wienerschnitzle – Wienerschnitzle stuffed with Black Forest Ham, Provolone cheese, sautéed with onions and mushrooms. $18.99

Pan-Seared Lemon-Riesling “Catch-of-the-Day” - Fresh white fish pan seared with garlic, lemon, and a sweet Riesling wine. $16.99


Checkers Chopped Salad - Iceberg and Romaine lettuce with red onions, cucumbers, carrots, bleu cheese crumbles tossed in our house dressing. $7.99 (for two) $3.99 (single)

Iceberg Wedge Salad – A wedge of Iceberg lettuce served with tomatoes and topped with bleu cheese. $4.99

Kleiner Caesar Salad – Romaine lettuce lightly tossed with parmesan cheese and Caesar dressing. $3.99



Homemade Apple Strudel - Warm apple strudel served with vanilla ice cream and topped with chocolate syrup, cinnamon, and powdered sugar. $7.00

Black Forest Cake - Chocolate cake layered with cherries and cream then topped with vanilla frosting and chocolate sprinkles. $6.00

Natalie’s Pineapple Upside-Down Cake – A German Classic-not really but it’s delicious! $6.00

Kelly’s German Chocolate Cake - This Truly is a German Classic!!! $7.00


German Chocolate Raspberry Coffee - Chocolate-Raspberry liquor served in coffee and topped with whipped cream! $6.00